WHINING Problem: How to get your child stop WHINING

Whining is one of the world’s most irritating sounds, as any parent knows. Kids may whine because they need to express feelings and whining not just crying is simply a way for young children to show sadness or disappointment.

WHINING Problem: How to get your child stop WHINING

Also, kids don’t WHINE to generally irritate us, they whine to get our attention. Let’s face it, we’ve all got a parenting hot button, for most of us it’s whining.

So by learning why your kids whine, you can discover how to put an end to it for good.

Whenever the whining starts the first thing to do is actually check him, sometimes whining is just a tired sleepy hungry kid.

If you’ve checked in and you’ve realized that this is a time when he’s tired or getting sick, what he needs is actually a good hug, tell him that you love him and take care of him.

When you realize that your kid is just whining because he needs something and he is winning because he knows that it works!

So the first step is to make it not works. Stop giving in to the whining and your child will soon learn that whining won’t get him what he wants.

Another effective strategy is to count it by giving a kid two or three good chances to stop so you say ” No whining that’s one ” in your head give about five seconds for that sweet little brain to process it.

If he’s still whining, he gets one more warning which is ” No whining that’s two, three ” and soon he will stop.

WHINING Problem: How to get your child stop WHINING

Another way to solve this problem is to tell your kids in a calm moment: ” You’re big enough now to ask for what you’d like in a normal voice.

If you ask me something in a whiny voice, I will put my hands over my ears. Then, you can try again with your normal voice and I’ll be happy to talk about anything that’s on your mind and so on .”

When your child uses his normal voice, be sure to respond right away, calmly, pleasantly and don’t forget to provide him positive attention.

For these steps to work, you must also provide plenty of positive attention to meet your child’s need for emotional connection.

Each parent should shoot for 10 minutes of quality time every day with each child. You can play their favorite card game, shoot hoops in the driveway or whatever they love to do!

During the special one-on-one time, Ignore the email notification. Don’t respond to the text.

I hope we code help you in solving WHINING Problem through this article also you can check out how to solve picky eaters children problem

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