Science Project Ideas For Kids : Tick-Tock Timer

One of the most wonderful science project ideas For Kids ; Tick-Tock Timer. easy , fumy and amazing . When you curved up this clock and let it go, the rubber begins to loosen up and swing a bead. Be that as it may, pause the bead suddenly wraps around a pole, and the machine stops in its tracks! And afterward similarly as all of a sudden, the dab unwraps, and the machine begins moving once more.

The way in which it begins and stops is extremely like how clocks and watches tick and tock to keep time. Give this timer a spin below!

Materials List

science project ideas
  • Plastic Plate
  • button
  • string
  • round bead
  • glue
  • skewers (3)
  • rubber band
  • pony beads
  • wire cutters
  • paper clip
  • scissors

Step 1

Collect your materials.

science project ideas

Step 2

Make 2 holes at both sides of the plate

Step 3

Paste a stick into each opening. Ensure the pointy end is looking up on one of them.

Step 4

Cut the paper clip into a circle.

science project ideas

Step 5

Glue the paper clip, loop end up, within the stick that is confronting pointy-wind up.

science project ideas

Step 6

Stack two pony dots and paste them together. At that point, stick the heap of pony beads over than one of the buttonholes.

science project ideas

Step 7

Push the button onto the highest point of the stick alongside the paper clip. Try not to utilize the buttonhole that is secured by the globules.

science project ideas

Step 8

Attach the rubber band to the paper clip circle.

science project ideas

Step 9

Extend the elastic rubber band up through buttonhole with the beads. At that point, stick a stick through the elastic rubber band.

science project ideas

science project ideas

Step 10

Tie one end of a bit of string to a round bead. At that point, attach the opposite end to the stick.

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