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Finding The Perfect Pet Turtles

Pet Turtles

Prior to purchasing a pet, you generally need to decide which pet your kid prefers and which type of pets he is ready to take care about. You can check our article about Best Small Pets For Kids to help you choose your kid first pet. Really, a few pets …

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Brain & Cool Games For Kids : Boxes and Dots

cool games

One of the wonderful Brain & Cool Games For Kids : Boxes and Dots which is an extraordinary indoor amusement that children can play using only a pen and paper. For a kid with 10 years old , Boxes and Dots is really good for him as a brain game, …

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Engineering For Kids: Graphite Circuit

Engineering For Kids

Graphite Circuit It’s one of the most wonderful Engineering application for kids. Electrical Circuits are all about energy! A Circuit is the closed loop through which electricity can flow. Electrical energy is caused by moving electric charges called electrons. Lighting is one example of electrical energy in action. would you …

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Science Project Ideas For Kids : Blow Up a Balloon

Science Project Ideas

One of the most wonderful Science Project Ideas For Kids is to Blow Up a Balloon using natural materials What You Need: Any drink bottle or water bottle VinegarPaper towel Inflatable  Balloon Baking soda How To Blow Up a Balloon Tear the paper towel down the middle. Take one half …

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Dog Grooming !! How To Safely Wash Your Dog at Home …?

Dog Grooming

Tips and Tricks These tips and tricks can make it easier for you, and have more fun. First, before you start get everything you will need. Things you will need: Fluffy towel Soft brush Baby or Puppy shampoo Hair dryer Before you start, gently groom your dog, and make sure …

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Bedtime Story: My Most Liked clothes

Bedtime Story: My Most Liked Clothes

Bedtime Story: My Most Liked Clothes Noah is sad, because his favorite clothes no longer fit him. What his mum will do? Let’s find out together Noah: What are you doing Mom? Mom: I am taking your old clothes to the charity shop. Wait mom! They still fit me. Grandma …

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