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Best Pet Fish For Kids

pet fish

Children love pet fish, and they make for extraordinary investigation and learning. They come in all sizes, hues, and shapes, which can truly start one’s creative energy. It might sound somewhat unusual, yet I like being in a stay with a pleasant fish tank, as it truly relieves the senses. …

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Engineering For Kids : Snow Machine

Snow Machine

One of the most amazing engineering for kids projects is snow machine while learn you how to create a magic of wonderful snow without any cold !! , only with a set of some electronics materials , you can create a mini snow machine … Just follow below steps and …

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Crafts For Kids : Flying Bird By Papers

Flying bird

This is one of the most loved crafts for kids by making fun and cute flying bird by papers , to teach your kids the concept of flying birds Materials List colored papers sheets scissorstransparent tapesome bradspaper clipssimple gluestringhole punch Try different things with some straightforward mechanics by making your …

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Cooking Cupcakes With Kids


Cupcakes recipe is one of the most lovely and amazing recipes that you can make it with your kids, it is easy, funny and too yummy Let’s start now.. Ingredients 110g butter or margarine, mollified at room temperature 1 tea-spoon vanilla concentrate 2 eggs 110g self-rising flour 110g  caster sugar 1-2 …

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Science Project Ideas For Kids : Tick-Tock Timer

science project ideas Tick-Tock

One of the most wonderful science project ideas For Kids ; Tick-Tock Timer. easy , fumy and amazing . When you curved up this clock and let it go, the rubber begins to loosen up and swing a bead. Be that as it may, pause the bead suddenly wraps around …

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