Montessori Preschool Activities

montessori preschool activities

The Montessori method is very popular around the world with early childhood and preschoolers’ professionals and parents. The Montessori School was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori in 1907.

It’s a child-centered method of education designed to support the natural development of children in a well-prepared environment offering them experiences that fulfill their inner developmental drives.

Montessori preschool activities encourage children to learn by providing freedom for them in the prepared environment. As a parent you can observe children so as to prepare the best possible environment, recognizing sensitive periods and diverting inappropriate behavior to meaningful tasks, and prepare the learning environment by ensuring that learning materials are provided in an orderly format and the materials provide for appropriate experiences for all the children.

In Montessori preschool activities children make creative choices in their learning, children have fun while they learn, respect and care for the people and things around them, and take responsibility for their actions. Children get prepared for real life.

Montessori Preschool Activities Ideas at Home for Toddlers and Preschoolers’

Here are some interesting activities that you can do with your toddlers, and kids at home with simple and cheap tools.

Hole in a Box

montessori preschool activities-Hole in a Box

This Montessori Preschool activity is very simple, and easy, as you will just need any empty box then you cut a circle shape on the top, and let your toddler has some balls around to put it inside the box.

This Montessori activity develop eye-hand coordination, and suitable for toddlers with age 5 to 7 months and plus.

Tearing Paper Activity

tearing paper montessori activity

In this Montessori activity you will need some papers with different colors and texture. Demonstrate to your toddler how to tear. Hold the top of the paper using both hands, and left hand holding the paper firmly, while the right pincer grip tears the paper by pulling it towards yourself.

This Montessori activity develop refinement of eye-hand coordination and grasp. This preschool activity can develop motor skills, and suitable for kids with age 12 months and plus.

Transfer and Pouring activity

transfer and pouring montessori activity

This Montessori activity is very simple for toddlers, and you have all what you need in your kitchen. You will need two bowls and it’s preferred to be wooden or plastic, and a spoon. This activity is suitable for kids from age 10 months and plus, and it works on fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. You can use bigger objects to transfer as a safety procedure as your young kid may try to put this objects in his mouth.

big and small montessori activity

You can use some beans that you have already in your kitchen. Also you can use a sponge to transfer water from one bowel to another.

Toddlers love to play with kitchen staff, and really will enjoy this Montessori activity.

Big and Small

montessori preschool activity

This Montessori activity for gross motor development and visual tracking. You will need some printed out photos for your toddler’s favorite animal or fruit, or you can draw it yourself. Explain to your kid where he should put the big object and the small object as well.

This Montessori activity for toddlers around 10 months and plus, also depends on skill level of your toddler.

Match the Dots Activity

montessori activity match the dots

This Montessori activity idea depend on the ability to recognize the difference in size for different objects.

You can prepare yourself a paper sheet same as the photo or you can use different shapes. Explain to your kid where to put the objects a it’s correct place, and remember you don’t tell your kid what to do, but you let him learn by watching you and by doing by himself.

This Montessori activity for preschoolers is suitable for age starting from 12 months and plus.

Feeding Self with spoon or fork

 feeding self  montessori activity

Although this Montessori activity is very simple and we all have the tools at home, it’s very important also. Kids need to learn self-care too.

You can let your kid also trey to drink and use his own cup bu himself, brush teeth, brush hair, and let him try to wash his hands.

You can share together these activities, and you can allow your kid to start by himself, and you offer help at the end, and in case he needs your help.

These Montessori activities for toddlers develop care of self and improve gross motor movement, and it’s suitable for age 12 months and plus.

Cut some Fruits or Vegetables

Kids enjoy doing adult staff, and using their tools. Cutting some vegetables or fruits and preparing a yummy salad dish is really fun with the kids.

cutting vegetables montessori activity

Let your toddler use safe kid friendly knives and give him some fruits or vegetables to cut.

This Montessori activity develop gross motor skills and suitable for kids at age from 14 to 16 months and plus.

Pouring Water or Juice in Cups

Montessori practical life activity.

This Montessori Preschool activity and the previous one considered Montessori practical life activity. In case of pouring liquids the probability of error and spilling out is high. This real life activity develop sense of order, concentration, fine motor skills, and confidence.

You may prefer provide your toddler with a towel in case that he spilled out some of the liquid. It’s important to let your kid know that he may do mistakes and we all might do, and accepting his mistakes is very important in life.

Easel Paint Activity

easel paint montessori activity

Painting should be an opportunity for your toddler to have fun, express himself, and improve his skills.

In this Montessori activity you will need easel, white paper hanged on the easel with clips or magnet, apron, paint brush, and some colors.

Painting in Montessori aims at improving strengthen muscles, also improving concentration and coordination.

Also the process of cleaning up after finishing drawing is very important to teach kids to tack care of their environment, and keep it organized and clean.

Finally, I wish you like our Montessori Preschool activities ideas which you can do it with your toddler at home with simple tools that you have at home.

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Remember kids get boarded, and you have to provide them with interesting and useful activities at home to fill time with fun, and make them have fun and learn.

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