IQ Tests for Kids

IQ tests

Children’s IQ test is very useful for measuring mental functions such as thinking, cognition, reasoning, etc., and knowing the potential of the child.

What IS IQ test?

IQ test for children is a test that measures the child’s intelligence in terms of cognition, reasoning, reasoning, and thinking. It aims to know the child’s mental ability and level of cognitive or cognitive thinking.

The IQ test includes a set of stimuli to reach a certain numerical level in intelligence. The child performs a variety of tasks such as oral questions, solving mathematical puzzles suitable for the age of the child and some activities that require motor focus and observation strength. Some of these tests should be solved at a specific time. The fastest time of course is the smartest.

Understanding and Recognition

Depend on the communication between the child and others, and the ability of the child to conclude.

For Example you can ask your child some of the following riddles, and give him 15 sec. to answer each one:

  • I have four legs, but I can’t walk. I hold food but I can’t eat. what am I?
  • I am black, and blind, but can still see. When I sleep my head is down to the ground. What am I?
  • I am made of water, but if you put me into water I will disappear. What am I?
  • I don’t have wings, but I can fly. I don’t have eyes, but I can cry. I am miles away, but you can see me. What am I?

Visual Intelligence

Reflects the strength of observation of the child or analysis of the place. You can test and improve your child visual intelligence through some activities like; finding the differences between two photos, or completing mazes.

According to your child age you can choose the hardness level. You can start with young age kids finding the differences between two photos with simple photos with simple details

Let your kid find the differences between two photos with more details if he can find differences in simple photos easily

Use same method when completing mazes.

Finally, IQ test is helping you to know the intelligence level for your kid. Your responsibility after this step is to develop and improve your kid IQ whether he needs improvements because he is late, or to let him move forward towards higher score.

There are some important things which you can do everyday to encourage your kid mental development; for example: talking to your kid about everything in your life, exploring arts, reading, and handicrafts. All these small activities can make a great difference for your child, give him advantages, and make him smart person.

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