How to make a Fairy Garden

It’s a lovely project, that you can do with your kids to let them have fun and be creative. Fairy Gardens are a magical garden filled with small plants and small accessories. It’s a tiny place created and tended with Love.

Fairy Garden

Easy Steps for DIY Fairy Garden

Things you will need

You will need a container at small, or medium, or large size. Just choose the size your kid prefers and also consider the space you have for your Fairy Garden.

If you have a big or small garden at your home, large size can be a good choice for you, but if you don’t have, you can put your Fairy Garden inside your house, or inside your kid’s room, and in this case, a small container can be better for you.

You can also use some of your old stuff in the kitchen, like an old tray, teapot, or teacup.

You will need also, soil, small rocks, Fairy Garden decor like mini furniture or fairy house, and small plants, and small colorful flowers to add some colors.

For Fairy Garden decoration, you can use some toys that you have at home, or you can visit Amazon and get some cheap and lovely stuff .

Best Plants for Fairy Garden

Top plants for Fairy Garden Are Silver Sprinkles, Polka-Dot Plant, Gray Lavender Cotton, Golden Japanese Stone Crop, Wood Sorrel, and Alyssum Flowers are also perfect for Your Fairy Garden as they attract Butterflies.

Also you can pick any flowers or plants from your garden.

DIY Fairy Garden with your Kids

First you can let your kid plan for it, and draw his Fairy Garden.

Fairy Garden

Then Prepare a list with the things that he will need, and check if he needs to buy some staff or he will use things that he has at home.

Start adding together soil to the container, and add some grass, and flowers.

Let your kid add decoration and arrange fairy staff as he likes.

The last step is to add some small rocks.

Fairy Garden 3

I hope you make your own Fairy Garden with your Kids and enjoy it on one sunny day.

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