How to be a Successful Single Parents or Single Mother

Successful Single Parents or Single Mother

Single parents, not an easy thing. Having a family is one of the best things that one can ever have in life, but sometimes it will not be your choice to lose an integral part of the family and have your family without a father for your kids.

You have to know that you are not alone!! According to the latest statistics,
Of all single-parents families in the U.S., single mothers make up the majority.

It’s not easy at all to be a single mother, because Father and Mother play together an important role in their child’s life, and they form the first relationship in a child’s life. Playing both roles is really hard, as you are doing double effort, but don’t worry because the reward is also doubled for you.

Strategies for single Parents or a Single Mother Success

Ask for Help and Support

Single Mother

Do not hesitate to ask for help from others, whether at home or work, and accept the rejection with a good heart, and learn how to ask for help without embarrassment. Doing both roles for mom and dad is really hard, so that having your community of support will help you go through your hard time. You can ask family members, friends, and single parents like you for help and support.

Single mothers can often feel isolated and overwhelmed, so it’s important to feel that you have some sort of community behind you,” says Sheila Ellison, author of The Courage to Be a Single Mother (HarperSanFrancisco, 2000).

Remember you will not be able to do it all alone, no matter how strong you think yourself are, so ask for help, guidance, and advice to go on through this experience and remain strong.

Improve yourself

Improve yourself

Always look for sources that provide you with information, help you get what helps you develop your practical skills, and increase your knowledge as a mother. It may not need effort and mobility, it is possible to register to online programs.

Set your career and life goals to have something to look forward to, keep moving up, take care of yourself, exercise, eat healthy food, read books, feed your brain, and play with your kids.

You will not be the perfect mother if you neglect yourself. Your kids need your love and care more than anytime before. Now you are their support and security.

Remember, The one who lack the thing can not give it to others.

Good bye bad feelings

If you had a bad marriage experience, and if you had hard and stressful time, whether you went through a separation, or divorce, try to forget and forgive. Make peace with the past and start your new life with positive thoughts.

Also don’t feel guilty about anything! you will face financial problems, you will feel lonely sometimes, and also will feel sad that your family is fractured. Put your guilt away and remember your mission is to make your kids lead a happy and secure life.

All these bad feelings will disappear and vanish away once you find the warmth and happiness between the arms of your kids.

single mother

Try to write down every night all the bad feelings and all the problems you went through during the day. This will help you clear your mind and sometimes putting on the paper some feelings that you can’t tell anyone about, also it will help you to keep a record for your problems and find out later, how you could solve it, and overcome these problems.

Talk to your Kid

share your feeling with your kid

Talk to your kids and explain your new situation, and how you both will adapt to that change. Spending more valuable time with your kids talking about your feelings together will help both of you.

Rearrange your priorities together and explain to your kids that you live on a budget. This will help them understand and know the value of money, and will help them later to be financially independent.

Let your kids help you and help each other. They can help preparing the dinner, or doing the dishes. They can clean, feed pets, taking garbage away, and more, also they can help each other and teach each other new things.

Finally, don’t focus on the missing part of the usual image of the family and think about other pros for raising your kid alone, and how your kid character will be affected by this change. You can raise kids who know the value of money, can cope with change, and appreciate the women role in their life.

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