Funny Story: Figoo Knows … Knows ( Funny Story For Kids )

Figoo is a lovely boy who thinks that he knows everything!

In a lovely morning, Figoo woke up and start looking for his mom.

Figoo found his mom in the kitchen preparing for a yummy cake.

Figoo asked his mom to help her preparing the cake.

Figoo: Mom let me help you with the cake … I know how to do it!

Suddenly, Figoo smashed all the egg! and it was really messy in the kitchen.

Mom was really upset as he didn’t ask how he can help her, and she asked him to go to play with his neighbor David.

Figoo went to his friend David.

David was playing on his Piano, but Figoo wanted to play on the Piano as well.

Figoo: David, let me play on the Piano, I know how to play lovely music.

Then he started to play really noisy music, there was a strange sounds coming from the Piano. David didn’t like that, and asked him to go and play with his sister Celina.

Figoo went back home, and asked Celina to play with him with the Ball.

Figoo: Celina, I know a new game with ball, would you like to play with me.

Celina: OK, Lets play.

Suddenly Figoo kick the ball strongly and hit his sister eye!

She started to cry, and his Dad called him when her voice was too loud.

Figoo went to his Dad who was trying to fix the broken down Microwave.

Also suddenly, Figoo caused another trouble!

Figoo: Good morning Dad, would you like me to help you fixing the microwave? I know how to fix it!

Bedtime Story: Figoo Knows ... Knows ( Funny Story For Kids )

Figoo asked his Dad while he was holding the electric wires, and he got an electric shock. The electric shock he received was enough to knock him down.

Figoo screamed loudly, his Mom, Celina, and David came quickly to know what happened to him.

When everyone make sure that Figoo is fine, his Dad told him that ” Figoo you have to learn first before doing thing, and learn how to learn”

Figoo said : I know … I know

Mom said : ohhh, again!

We hope you enjoined our Funny Story Figoo Knows … Knows.

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