Engineering For Kids : Snow Machine

One of the most amazing engineering for kids projects is snow machine while learn you how to create a magic of wonderful snow without any cold !! , only with a set of some electronics materials , you can create a mini snow machine … Just follow below steps and pictures one by one

Snow Machine

Materials List 

  • 3v dc motor
  • Double A  batteries (2)
  • Hobby propeller fan
  • Papers – white, blue
  • Scissors
  • 2 nos. large plastic cups
  • Battery pack
  • Pencil
  • Tape
  • Push pin
Snow Machine

Step 1

Collect all your materials together to start now

You can collect all electronic parts from local store at your are

and be sure that used fan can fit in cup base

Snow Machine

Step 2

Put the batteries in the connector pack. Snare the leads of the battery pack into the openings on the base of the motor. Turn the leads so they remain set up.

Snow Machine

Step 3

use the pushpin to jab an opening in the base of one cup (go for the center!). Jab the gap with a pencil to augment the gap.

Snow Machine

Step 4

Use tape to connect the motor to the base outside of your cup . Ensure the pole of the motor is adjusted to jab into used cup . Tape the battery pack to the side of your cup .

Snow Machine

Step 5

Lower the propeller fan into the used cup with the goal that it fits onto the engine shaft. Turn on the battery pack to give your motor and fan a trial. The fan should begin turning!

Snow Machine

Step 6

Time to make snow! Cut your paper into little bits of confetti-like squares (our own were about quarter inch squares).

Snow Machine

Step 7

Pour your “snow” into your unfilled used cup . Presently, tape the two cups from the top together, mouth-to-mouth. Utilize short segments of single-sided tape to hold them set up, at that point fold over with a long piece to cover the crease.

Snow Machine

Step 8

Turn on your fan and watch your snow machine go! You can take a stab at shaking the cups all over or tilting it sideways to get distinctive examples. In case you’re having a craving for making a wreck, you can remove the best cup and shower snow around the room!

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