Engineering For Kids: Graphite Circuit

Graphite Circuit

It’s one of the most wonderful Engineering application for kids.

Electrical Circuits are all about energy! A Circuit is the closed loop through which electricity can flow. Electrical energy is caused by moving electric charges called electrons.

Lighting is one example of electrical energy in action.

would you like to build a LED circuit using a graphite pencil? Find out about the conductive properties of graphite and let your kids see it light up! This is fast, easy, and simple.

Engineering For Kids

Materials List

How To Do IT !!!

Engineering For Kids

Utilize your graphite pencil and draw any structure on your paper.

Tip: Draw a basic picture where every one of the lines are associated and make a point to make thick, strong lines with your pencil.

Engineering For Kids

In your illustration, leave something like a 1 cm hole on inverse closures of your drawing. Check your positive and negative lines.

Engineering For Kids

When you’re finished with your plan, put the battery on one of the holes. Adjust the positive and negative finishes to the graphite lines.

Engineering For Kids

Take a LED and curve the base finishes of the wires.

Engineering For Kids`

Tape the wire toward the finish of the lines over the other hole, adjusting positive and negative wires. Ensure your LED stands upstanding. The wires ought to be in contact with the graphite lines.

Tip: The more drawn out side of the LED is the positive side.

Engineering For Kids`

What’s happening? Graphite is an electrical conduit, ideal for finding out about circuits and power!

Since graphite is low in conductivity, the accomplishment of a circuit will rely upon the length, thickness, and measure of
graphite on the paper .

For instance, the more drawn out the graphite way is, the dimmer your light will be.

It’s a great opportunity to try! Take a stab at illustration lines of various lengths. Does it have any kind of effect to the LED? Have a go at illustration lines of various thicknesses. Does that have any kind of effect to the LED?

Science Project Ideas

We hope you like our experiment and enjoy it with your kids. you can also try to make a Blow Up a Balloon with your kids to have fun together, and also to let them learn about Science, and Engineering.

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