Cooking With Kids

Cooking With Kids

I consider Cooking With Kids one of the kid’s activities or maybe it’s one of the funniest kids activities, parents and kids are really spending a great time together while doing this.

It also makes a harmony relationship and friendship between parents and kids. but this must have rules to be safe for our kids.

We have to know also which recipes we can share cooking it with them and how to make this activity funny as much as we can. with colorful tools and cute shapes tools.

letting our kids enter the kitchen and start cooking with us is a very good thing but we have to ensure their safety.

We will provide you with many creative ideas to have the funniest time together.

Cooking With Kids

Recipes for Mothers’ Day Dinner

Pomegranate Parfait Cups

Happy Mothers Day! for all lovely moms, and also for all grand moms. Celebrating Mothers’ Day with family is something that really shows love and appreciation for moms. Also implanting this value in our kids is really important. so that during this family gathering we have to give our kids …

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Cooking Cupcakes With Kids


Cupcakes recipe is one of the most lovely and amazing recipes that you can make it with your kids, it is easy, funny and too yummy Let’s start now.. Ingredients 110g butter or margarine, mollified at room temperature 1 tea-spoon vanilla concentrate 2 eggs 110g self-rising flour 110g  caster sugar 1-2 …

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