Cat Birth, Learn How to Help a Pregnant Cat to Give Birth

If your mother cat ready to give birth, then these tips can help you help her through the delivery process.

Cat Birth

Things You will need:


Shredded news paper

Old blanket

Quite, private, and warm location

Cat food

Drinking water

Litter box

Cat toys

Warm water

Clean towels

Dental floss

Petroleum jelly


Step 1:

Prepare a delivery bed for your mother cat with roomy cardboard box with a top. Cut a hole in the side to be big enough for the mother to come and go, and line the bottom with news papers, then cover the box with old blanket.

Step 2:

Find a quiet, private, and warm spot for the bed that the mother is familiar with. The room should be equipped with food, water, and favorite toys. Introduce the mother to her maternity bed well before she gives birth. this will ensure that she doesn’t give birth on your clothes.

Step 3:

Keep your cat away from other animals during the last stages of her pregnancy. Mother cat can be aggressive, also you need her to be relaxed as possible before and during giving birth.

Step 4:

Give the Mother space when she goes into labor. You will be able to explain to her that she is in the first stages of labor because she my start pacing, making loud noises, and repeatedly attempt to use the litter box. She may retire to her bed if she is comfortable there. However if she chooses another spot, don’t try to move her.

Step 5:

Prepare the all supplies once the mother goes into labor. Don’t worry it can take long time, but make sure you have plenty of everything.

Don’t panic, and watch from afar if everything looks stable.

Step 6:

Assist cleaning the placenta from the kittens faces only if the mother doesn’t do so herself. Use a clean towel and wipe the membrane off of the cat going against the direction of the hair growth with your gloved hands.

Don’t cut the umbilical cord too close to the kitten and don’t let the mother bite it off too close to the kitten, as this can cause infection. Leave at least one inch.

You also can use the petroleum jelly on the kitten’s passage if the mother has been straining for an hour with no kitten emerging.

If there is anything looks strange, contact your vet immediately.

Step 7:

Let the mother tack care of her kittens from this point on. Nature ensures that she knows her new job.

Cat Birth is not an easy processes for both of you so please read this steps carefully to learn how to help your pregnant cat to give birth.

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