Brain & Cool Games For Kids : Boxes and Dots

One of the wonderful Brain & Cool Games For Kids : Boxes and Dots which is an extraordinary indoor amusement that children can play using only a pen and paper. For a kid with 10 years old , Boxes and Dots is really good for him as a brain game, and maybe younger kids will need some help and directions from the elder but, Boxes and Dots is an incredible amusement for the two children and adults.

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Step by step instructions to play the Cool Games Boxes and Dots

Game Target:

Close the greatest number of boxes as you can.

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Materials To Be Used

  • Sheet of paper
  • 2 colors pens
  • 2 players

Set up: Lay out a network of dots. We like a framework of 4 by 4, however it doesn’t make a difference. You can play with as few or the same number of spots as you like. We as of late purchased a cool notebook of speck paper with the goal of playing a gigantic diversion!


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Every player chose an alternate shading pencil or pen.

The main player draws a straight line between two neighboring specks. You can not draw slanting lines.

The second player draws a line between two spots.

Play proceeds as such until in the long run a player can close a box. Follow for shutting a boxes , player puts his underlying inside to “guarantee” it. He at that point gets another turn. On the off chance that he can close an extra box, he gets one more turn, until the point when he can not close any more boxes. Play at that point proceeds with the other player.

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We hope you like our experiment and enjoy it with your kids you can also try to make a Blow Up a Balloon &  Graphite Circuit with your kids to spend a happy time together and have more fun

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