Bedtime Story: My Most Liked clothes

Bedtime Story: My Most Liked Clothes

Noah is sad, because his favorite clothes no longer fit him.

Bedtime Story: My Most Liked Clothes

What his mum will do?

Let’s find out together

Noah: What are you doing Mom?

Mom: I am taking your old clothes to the charity shop.

Wait mom! They still fit me. Grandma knitted this jumper for me. It’s my favorite.

Also the slippers are still OK though. My friend Adam bought me these on my birthday.

The trousers also are fine. I got these for Christmas.

Mom said: Yes, Christmas 2017.

Noah: Ohh mum, why I grow so much? This is my best clothes, and I love these clothes so much.

Bedtime Story: My Most Liked Clothes

Mom: Noah, these clothes don’t fit you anymore, dear. Giving your old clothes to someone who really needs some new clothes is better than just keeping it in your wardrobe.

I have a good idea; can you bring your teddy.

Noah: Here is it, mom.

Mom: we will dress teddy the jumper, and we will take the other clothes to the charity shop, so you can keep one piece of clothes with teddy, and we can donate other clothes.

Bedtime Story: My Most Liked Clothes

Noah went with his mom to the charity shop. There he met an old lady who is responsible for receiving donations.

Mom told her that Noah is coming to donate some clothes, and the lady gave him some candies, and told him, The donation to charity are important, because helping others in need, bring more meaning to our lives.

They returned home, and his Grandma was waiting for him.

Grandma: Noah, I have a surprise for you. Close your eyes!

Bedtime Story: My Most Liked Clothes

Noah closed his eyes and opened to find a jumper same as the one he dressed teddy, but the new jumper is bigger to fit his new size.

Bedtime Story: My Most Liked Clothes

He gave Grandma hugs and kisses, and told her about his day, and how he was sad in the morning, but he feels so happy now, because he donated his old clothes to others in need, and because he has a new jumper same as his favorite one.

Mom said: The good you do, comes back to you, and the more we give, the happier we feel.

At the end we hope you liked urkds moral bedtime story

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