Art for Kids Hub-How To Draw A Christmas Penguin

Art for Kids Hub-How To Draw A Christmas Penguin

Art activities also allow us to share unforgettable happy moments with our kids and this thing make us more close to them.  

Christmas is coming and all of us are waiting  for this special event, and papering fabulous gifts of all people we love, and loaning to see this shin look in there eyes when we gives them the gifts to tell us how much they are happy with it.

Today we are going to learn you how to draw an awesome Christmas penguin. we are going to walk with art for kids hub step by step.

What you will need:

Art supplies: 

  • Markers
  • printer Paper
  • color Pencils
  • Oil Pastels (classroom)
  • Pentel Watercolor (tubes)
  • Watercolor (dry cake)
  • Canson Watercolor Paper
  • Watercolor brushes

and now all you need just to follow the video steps:

I hope you like our craft today and it was easy for you, this is not everything you can check more Christmas craft such as Christmas DIY Ideas For Kids- 3 Ideasand Hot cocoa spoons

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