About us

About Us

Who we are?

We are parents, just like you. We know exactly what you are going through to raise your kids.
We are a team of Moms and Dads, experienced in Child Psychology, Teaching Methodology, and Science and Engineering.
We have been putting together our family-friendly website for parents and kids, and our main target is to keep your kids learning with entertainment all day long.
We are here to help you raise happy, healthy, creative, caring, imaginative, independent kids.
I can’t forget the time my daughter got three years old. She started to show her own personality, and dealing with her was not easy at all. She was very active, stopper, very shy with strangers, sometimes violence, biting her nails, and she used to grind and clench her teeth.
I didn’t know what to do, or why she is acting like that!!
I consulted a therapist, I started to read books about kids, and I find out that the problem was me. She needed me to reduce my authority and start building the real version of herself, and she needed to feel my love in her own way, not mine.
One key point my therapist advice was “Keep your daughter busy all day long”, and she recommended many activities especially activities that improve creativity.
I started to search everywhere about creative fun activities, and I spent interesting time with my daughter, and her behavior improved, also she gave up the bad habits that she used to do like biting her nails, and grinding and clenching her teeth, but the most important, our relationship got better because we shared a fun time together and she learned a lot through fun activities.
Our mission is to provide you with interesting activities to fill your kids time. From now and on no waste time for your kids, only effective time.
There are a few things we believe:
• Passion and curiosity can make anything interesting
• Do it with love
• Ego is annoying
• Listen to others
• Diversity is welcome
• Every Child is a unique version of himself