4th of July Activities For Kids

Easy Fourth of July activities for kids ( or independence day crafts for kids ) creates a movement that can keep our kids enjoying for a very long time! spending good times for kids ages 3-11

4th of July Activities For Kids



  • String or plastic spoon
  • Paint
  • Poster board
  • Rolls / Plates
  • Glittery

How To Do It – Method 1

Using various colors of paints, make a couple of huge drops of paint on the poster board.

Take a bit of string or a plastic spoon to make designs with the paint, twirling from the middle to the outside in various ways.

Wait for dry, and now you have perfectly painted fireworks to hang up in your home!

How To Do It – Method 2

Begin by cutting a toilet tissue roll into 2 inches long fringes.

Open up the fringes with the goal that it lays level against the table,

Spot the roll onto a paper plate that has been covered in a layer of gum based paint or acrylic paint.

Just take the roll, dip the fringe in the paint, and stamp it onto your paper. Very Easy !!

This 4th of July Activities for Kids have SO much fun! I simple and don’t require a lot of works or time, and these Fourth of July firecrackers sketches fit the bill flawlessly!

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